For the relief of
stiffness, soreness,
painful muscles,
tendons & joints.

Pain and stiffness should never hold you back from performing at your best. That's why the Arnica Ice® range offers you products to soothe and relieve sore and stiff muscles after each workout. Whether you are an ultra-marathon runner, a gym enthusiast or a sports lover Arnica Ice® is the perfect muscular relief to keep on hand.

Our range includes Arnica Ice® Gel in 3 convenient sizes – a 50ml jar; 475ml jar and a 100ml tube. For easy application Arnica Ice® also has an Arnica Ice® Spray available in 150ml.

Get ready to perform at your best with peace of mind that Arnica Ice® will relieve post-workout pain!

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Endorsed by the
comrades marathon

Designed for everyone from exercise enthusiasts to ultra-athletes, Arnica Ice® is proudly endorsed by the ultimate human race – the Comrades Marathon. Comrades athletes trust Arnica Ice to provide relief from sore muscles, pain and stiffness from those long training sessions and marathons. Arnica Ice® Cooling Gel is available in 3 convenient sizes as well as in an easy to apply Arnica Ice® Spray – so you never have to endure a tough training session without it!